democratization of access

Cultura Artística aims to make art part of people’s lives and, to accomplish that goal, it distributes socioeducational tickets for music students from public and private institutions or the third sector, benefiting not only musicians, but also the community. One-half hour before each concert, it also sells available seatings at promotional prices.

Free lectures, the Musical Moment, precede each of the concerts of the season and are aimed at familiarizing the public with the night’s performers, composers and pieces, enriching the concert experience.

The open rehearsals benefit music students as well as the general public interested in knowing how large orchestras or renowned soloists prepare for a concert.

Also within a policy of the democratization of access, the free concerts can be held in places as the external stage of Auditório Ibirapuera, MASP and Bienal de São Paulo. Another way of bringing the concerts before a wider public is through broadcasts of the programming by Rádio Cultura and TV Cultura.