Reconstruction of the
Teatro Cultura Artística


For many years, Teatro Cultura Artística has been an international reference for music and performing arts. The new Teatro Cultura Artística will be that and much more!

New programs, educational areas, a restaurant, café and bookstore will keep this important modern landmark in São Paulo alive all day long. More information can be seen in the CA theater option, in the main menu.

All donors to Teatro Cultura Artística will be able to participate in a series of exclusive activities and take advantage of the tax benefits provided for in article 18 of the Federal Culture Incentive Law, which allows for tax exemption of up to 100% of the amount invested, up to a limit of 6 % of income tax payable. To obtain the benefit in IR 2023, payment must be made by 12/23/2023. After this data, it will be included in the Income Tax for the year 2024.



The Teatro Cultura Artística Patrons program was created as a way of recognizing those who, over the years, have contributed significantly to the Teatro Cultura Artística opening its doors again. Patrons include donors and sponsors who contributed R$30,000 or more, accumulated over the years, in the different phases of the building’s reconstruction, with the value of contributions calculated as follows:

» Donations from the first phase: the more than 400 donations relating to the first phase of works, made between August 2008 and December 2018, had their values ​​adjusted by the CDI — Interbank Deposit Certificate until 12/31/2018. To find out the corrected value of your donation, contact us by email at or by phone (11) 3256.0223;
» Second phase donations: donations made from January 2019 onwards to the opening of the theater will be calculated at the nominal value of the contribution.

Additionally, Patrons are also divided into the following categories:

Tourmaline: R$30,000 — R$99,999
Sapphire: R$100,000 — R$299,999
Ruby: R$300,000 — R$999,999
Emerald: R$1,000,000 — R$3,999,999
Diamond: above R$4,000,000

Benefits offered to patrons

Annual Report: Patrons receive a copy of the Annual Report by email.
Tax exemption: all Patrons will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Federal Culture Incentive Law.
Exclusive activities: Patrons are invited to participate in special activities throughout the year, including guided tours of exhibitions promoted by partner institutions.
Mention of name: Patrons of the Teatro Cultura Artística will have their names listed on the acknowledgment walls to the right and left of the main entrance of the new Teatro Cultura Artística, in the concert programs, in the annual report, on the website, always according to the category of contribution.


In addition, Rubi, Esmeralda and Diamante Patrons will also be honored with names in spaces in the future Theater (for more details, please contact us). Choice of seats in the concert series at the new Teatro Cultura Artística: Patrons will have preference when choosing seats when renewing or contracting subscriptions at the new Teatro Cultura Artística.


(11) 3256.0223

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