Teatro Cultura Artística

In October 2022, we started the last phase of reconstruction of Teatro Cultura Artística. Here, we will periodically publish highlights on the progress of the project and the future of the Theater, whose reopening is scheduled for August 2024  

October 2023

Many experts were involved so that we could arrive at the most appropriate formula for the “dream project”, installation by Sandra Cinto for the Grande Sala of Teatro Cultura Artística. The artist has closely monitored the production of each of the 450 pieces that make up the work, which are modeled in plaster, then affixed to the walls with a few layers of drywall. Sandra herself set the first wave of the project, which is now almost finished on the walls of the Theatre.

September 2023

As restoration works come to an end, historic areas receive the finishing touches. In recent days, teams have recovered the granite from the stairs leading to the first floor, in addition to installing the original handrails. In the exhibition rooms, cremonas were placed in the windows, which also date back to the 1950s.

August 2023

This month we carried out the installation of solar panels for the new Teatro Cultura Artística. Respect for the environment and energy efficiency are important aspects considered in the design of the new Theater, which will have green certification (“LEED Gold”). Other planned initiatives include water reuse and a bicycle rack. 

July 2023 
On the 20th of June, tests were carried out for the new lighting on the panel by Di Cavalcanti, which covers the facade of Teatro Cultura Artística. The LED lamps will be discreetly and safely installed in the lower base of the panel, meeting the building’s green certification specifications and preventing any damage to Di Cavalcanti’s iconic work. The lighting will have warm tones, giving a natural feel to the viewer. The final installation of the equipment will take place in the first half of 2024, shortly before the reopening of the Theater, scheduled for August 2024. 

June 2023 
The iron frames of the first floor foyer will be fully restored as originally designed by Rino Levi. All are in perfect working order, painted in “artichoke leaf” color and with the original brass handles. 

May 2023 
We are heading towards the final stretch of restoration of the internal areas remaining after the fire. MLD Restauração Arquitetônica Integrada has been working in partnership with the other teams to rescue the impression of the environments as they were aesthetically conceived by Rino Levi in ​​the 1950s. of documents and technical surveys, such as scraping with a scalpel and solvents to reach the layers that must be rescued. According to Maria Luiza Dutra, architect director of the MLD RAI office, and Daniel Carcavalli, associate architect, some spaces can be established with original colors and materials, such as the upper foyer and the exhibition rooms. In other cases, alternative materials are sought, such as replacing the glass tiles with granilite of the same color. 
Photos: MLD RAI 

March 2023 
In the new Teatro Cultura Artística, all remaining areas, including the façade, historic foyers on the ground and first floors, two stairs and ticket offices, will have all their original details recovered. Research and surveys carried out by the restoration teams have even allowed the rescue of the sophisticated color scheme of each of these spaces. 
“I go in. The continuous, uninterrupted ‘degrade’ from blue to gray begins. Vitreous floor of the lobby, a maritime cerulean. And then, the small auditoriumindigo tapestry and upholstery, against ivory woodwork.” 
(words by the poet Guilherme de Almeida, who was invited to visit the Theater on the eve of the inauguration). 

 December 2022

In recent weeks, HTB Engenharia e Construção has been preparing the construction site, which will occupy the roundabout next to the Theater. Those who pass through Rua Nestor Pestana can already see the fences surrounding the place, covering part of the four-story glass curtain that connects Foyer Roosevelt to the square of the same name. This space is one of the novelties of the new project and aims to integrate Cultura Artística to its exterior, in line with its objective of keeping the block alive and the free movement of people inside the building. Other spaces were designed to facilitate this interaction: the two stores on the ground floor, which will be restored and will receive a bookshop and a café. 


November 2022

The Teatro Cultura Artística renovation project was developed in 3 phases: 
Phase 0: panel restoration (completed in 2011); 
Phase 1: demolition of the compromised areas, development of detailed and compatible architectural projects, execution of foundations, structure, fences and basic installations (completed in 2019); 
Phase 2: restoration of facades and remaining areas, complement of installations (including air conditioning and elevators), coatings and purchase of equipment, including furniture and musical instruments (expected completion in December 2023 and inauguration of the building in August 2024, after the trial period). 

The total cost of the project is R$130 million, of which R$50 million corresponds to Phases 0 and 1, already executed, and R$80 million corresponds to Phase 2, of which R$50 million has already been raised and R$30 million is currently in the raising phase . 
 In the video on the side, one of our fellows, Eduardo Gutterres, tells more about the project and how each one can contribute to the completion of the works. Be part of this story!